KENSINGTON - an innovative company with passion!

KENSINGTON Finest Properties International offers you as Local or Master Franchisee to become part of our global network of experts. As part of a globally expanding brand, you will benefit from relevant references and know-how, a unique global property portfolio as well as an exclusive clientèle from the outset.

Discretion, professionalism, respect, honesty and competence are the values that are firmly ingrained in our corporate culture. We believe that absolute consensus about basic principles is essential in order to create something sustainable and meaningful.

Good reasons to become a franchisee of KENSINGTON:

  • You benefit from a brand which has existed since 1998, with an excellent reputation and great references
  • You have access to a sophisticated clientele as the company has solely been focusing only on high-quality real estate in prime locations from the outset
  • You will be able to offer thousands of top properties as well as exclusive projects in locations all around the globe directly to your own clientèle from day 1
  • You benefit from the experience of experts with proven successes and more than 24 years of expertise in the premium real estate sector
  • You have access to our system handbooks with a collection of experiences of many experts, which are constantly updated
  • You will join the experience meetings of licence partners and therefore benefit from the experience of longstanding licence partners
  • You benefit from excellent service providers in the fields of IT, marketing, PR and training
  • At the KENSINGTON Academy, you will be competently prepared for your tasks
  • You will benefit from a worldwide exclusive presence which clearly sets itself apart from the competition in an elegant manner
  • You will have access to all relevant marketing tools for your regional market
  • You will have access to investors, project developers and family offices


We are internationally represented for you!