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Chairman’s Message from Sven Binnewies

Our mission is clearly formulated:

“Together we are stronger” is the guiding principle of the real estate franchising concept of KENSINGTON Finest Properties International. We offer you a fair partnership that is individually tailored to you, a perfect environment for maximum success in the real estate industry and a professionally managed network where professionals and newcomers meet at eye level. With our valuable employees and our high-performance franchise partners, we are shaping our future and utilising our great potential. We focus on sustainable growth – not on quick turnover.

We stand for a professional, focused and strong team with which we will become a successful innovation and quality leader in the coming years. Our professional identity is closely linked to our brand image. We want to live our brand DNA internally & externally, develop it further and shape it in such a way that we are perceived as a “best provider” with a strong team.

We are a role model in the industry – perceptibly and sympathetically different.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Sincerely, yours

Sven Binnewies CEO / Chairman
We are internationally represented for you!