Local Franchise

To always be close to our customers, and in order to put property owners on the fast track to our real estate experts, our franchisees open KENSINGTON Showrooms in prime locations of their local markets.

KENSINGTON has specialised in the commercialisation of quality properties in prime locations. Proximity to customers is an important part of our Showroom concept. This proximity to customers with a direct presence in sub-markets puts property owners on the fast track to our real estate experts. This market presence provides us with fast access to the market and thus with the information edge our customers expect. This uniform look and feel of the KENSINGTON Showrooms guarantees brand recognition. This is how our Licence Partners distinguish themselves from the rest of the market.

Discretion, professionalism, respect, honesty and competence are our lived values. We also demand these from our partners – because only in absolute consensus regarding the fundamental principles can something permanently significant be created.

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