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Licence for “Hamburg-Alster” granted

KENSINGTON Finest Properties International is steadily expanding its presence in the north of Germany. Just a few weeks after acquiring the KENSINGTON regional licence for Hamburg, franchisee Daniel Malek managed to successfully assign the first licence in the Hanseatic city. With the granting of the Hamburg-Alster licence, the Swiss real estate company with the international network will now be represented with its first private office in Germany.

The franchisees Daniel Malek managed to win over for the Hamburg-Alster licence are two experienced personalities: André Wenck and Lars Axendorf have both lived in Hamburg for more than three decades and have been celebrating many joint successes in the real estate business for many years. The business partners look forward to setting up and growing their licence region with KENSINGTON:

“Being the new franchisee for the “Hamburg-Alster” region, our company, Selected Estates GmbH, is the latest member of the KENSINGTON family. We’ve been particularly familiar with this region since the beginning of our activities in the real estate industry. Entrepreneurs take action, sometimes act counter-cyclically and focus on their goals. In times of increasingly dynamic processes and market concentration, it’s important to be far-sighted and select the right partners. We guarantee to represent our customers in the local market with diligence and professionalism and our partner KENSINGTON provides us with access to a supraregional and international network allowing us all to gain access to information and markets we wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. We look forward to the further expansion of the KENSINGTON brand and to contributing to this success story. KENSINGTON means working together to achieve our customers’ goals with a green ribbon of likability! “, says Lars Axendorf, Business Administration graduate and Authorised Representative of Selected Estates GmbH.

This August, the Hamburg-Alster Private Office is going to open an office in the heart of the city, within walking distance of Hamburg City Hall and the Binnenalster.

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