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KENSINGTON Fuerteventura property valuation – Get the price your property deserves

The valuation and inspection of real estate on Fuerteventura is of particular significance when it comes to the sale. It is important that a luxury property is in impeccable condition. This applies not only to the interior, but also to the exterior.

As real estate experts on Fuerteventura, KENSINGTON exclusively takes care of the valuation and inspection of your property before it comes to the marketing process. In this way we can advise you comprehensively on your exclusive property on Fuerteventura and accompany you through all processes during the marketing phase.

All data are individually researched for you by our real estate experts, so that you receive a reliable market value determination of your real estate, which already considers economic and real estate interest rates.

How can you have your property valued in Fuerteventura?

Each property is unique and requires individual consideration. In addition to the area, year of construction and size of the property or plot, the type of construction, development stage, facilities and micro-location also play a decisive role in determining the market value of a property in Fuerteventura.

For real estate owners it is often not easy to reliably determine the actual market value of their properties. The currently much-advertised on-line evaluation tools can give a rough impression of the market value of a property, however one should not rely on such a result alone. It needs a personal visit of your property.

That’s why we at KENSINGTON Fuerteventura rely on individual valuation by real estate experts.

Our experienced team of real estate agents will take a close look at your property, regardless of whether it is a plot, a villa, a finca or an apartment, and determine the realistically achievable sales value on the basis of specific factors. We will be happy to explain to you in person exactly what is important for a property valuation.

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