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Avenida del Saladar 1,
Edificio Coworking
ES – 35625 – Morro Jable / Fuerteventura
Canary Islands

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Fantastic variety & attractive investments

Fuerteventuras climate is characterised by its mild summer months and warm winter months, as well as by the sun shining almost all year round. With balanced temperatures that vary between 21ºC in winter and 28ºC in summer, the sea breeze of the Atlantic and the trade winds provide refreshment. Due to the terrain in the different areas, one encounters very different climatic zones, which make Fuerteventura so unique.

The property market on Fuerteventura also offers a wide variety here. Whether you want to live in a modern villa with direct access to the golf course or appreciate the Canarian architectural style, there is something for everyone here. The island is also very moderately priced, so that an investment here can be very lucrative. Discover Fuerteventura, you will be thrilled.

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Hubert Marschke
Managing Partner
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Oliver Brüderle
Managing Partner
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Wolfgang Pogutter
Managing Partner
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Katja Modenbach
Team Assistant & Sales Agent
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