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Buying or selling a property in Dubai is a matter of mutual trust. Thanks to our long-standing experience and our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Dubai, you can confidently entrust all with all property-related matters.

We work with specialists in tax and property law in Dubai to make sure that you can rely on our expertise. By choosing us as your real estate agent in Dubai, you will receive a one-stop service tailored to your individual requirements. Just sit back and confidently leave the purchase or sale of your property in Dubai to our competent team.

We listen to you as the prospective buyer and limit your potential target market in accordance with your needs after you award us with an Exclusive Buyer Mandate.
We investigate the market: We talk to our agents, our personal contacts and our project developers. We examine the market thoroughly.
We show you a selection of very carefully chosen properties. We provide you with detailed information on comparable properties to give you a general idea of prices.
To avoid misunderstandings, we ask a surveyor to establish the value of the property on your behalf.
We employ experienced lawyers and trustees to ensure a highly professional conclusion of the transaction in your interest.
We offer a unique property concierge service, and discretely take care of all aspects related to your moving into your new home

For our buyer mandates, we offer:

  • Search for your dream property via our personal contacts and discrete search via all real estate firms or via code word advert
  • Property assessment incl. valuation
  • Sales negotiations with property sellers
  • Coordination of construction specialists, architects, landscape and interior designers, and corresponding advice
  • Advice and coordination for concierge services

For our seller mandates, we offer:

  • Search for a suitable buyer via the international KENSINGTON network and our local network
  • On Request: Anonymised search via suitable media
  • Pre-sales advice regarding adaptations to the property that might increase its market value.

Regardless of a mandate, we maintain a list of top properties which we will only present if they are suitable. Otherwise, we prefer an individual search. Thanks to KENSINGTON’s international network, we are also able to offer a worldwide search or seller mandate.

We are internationally represented for you!