KENSINGTON Dubai / KENSINGTON turns agents into businesses.

KENSINGTON turns agents into businesses!

Join our affiliation program. Start running your own business and receive 100% of the commission!

Starting your own real estate business is now easier than ever before. You don’t need to set up an office, pay rental fees every month, handle a group of employees, you don’t even need to worry about developing the right marketing strategy. At KENSINGTON we have the perfect solution. With our overwhelming affiliation program you do not have to be worried about these points anymore. Focus on what you do best: Taking care of customers. We do the rest!

Become one of a limited number of exclusive affiliates in Dubai and start to run your own business for a small monthly fee or for a small percentage of the commission.


  • Access to high-value properties from local developers and the portfolio of the international KENSINGTON network
  • Operate all across Dubai, with no limitations on any area and your earning capacity
  • Get profit from our well-known international website and have your own personalized website.
  • Participate in marketing campaigns, such as newsletters, WhatsApp campaigns, Social Media boosted advertisements etc.
  • Through a strong international network you will get better conditions for the local and international real estate portals
  • Add your listings to a well-established real estate database with customized CRM
  • Through high number of transactions together with all affiliates in Dubai you profit from a higher commission incentive paid by the developer
  • Access to all the listings of all other affiliates in Dubai
  • Permission to use our infrastructures like office space, stationary materials, phonelines etc
  • Brand awareness through high class events in Dubai, such as polo sponsoring, art exhibitions, etc
  • Publishing of a high quality local & international lifestyle magazine for all affiliates in Dubai, which gives you an enormous recognition in the local market.
  • In-house support from the KENSINGTON headquarter middle east from IT, Social Media and PR experts + graphic designers and video producers
  • Be part of KENSINGTON Dubai Real Estate presentations abroad and get access to new target groups
  • Working VISA and RERA license under KENSINGTON
  • You can build up your own team within your affiliate
  • You can sell your growing business at any time

Individual affiliate:

As an individual affiliate, you come under KENSINGTON’s strong brand, and you may market yourself under your personal name, in all online and offline campaigns. We are offering 2 tailor made options, one with a monthly fee and another one with a percentage shareholding.

Corporate affiliate:

When you join as a corporate affiliate, you will be part of an exclusive club where only companies in Dubai with an specific rank can join. No upfront fee required!

As a corporate affiliate, you can start with a low monthly fee and it’s negotiable according the number of sales agents within your company. To your comfort, you can join as an individual or as a corporate affiliate, we have unique high commission packages for both.

We are happy to inform you about further details about your possibilities as individual or corporate affiliate in a personal meeting.

Together we are stronger

Apply now to be part of a successful journey – With a strong brand!

Please contact us for further information and a personal meeting!

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