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KENSINGTON’s expansion in Dubai continues to progress in October

With the granting of another exclusive “Affiliate” for Dubai to Hatim Ayoub, the internationally operating real estate company KENSINGTON welcomes a further new partner.

The young entrepreneur, who was born in Sudan, grew up in Rome / Italy and has an extensive professional background. After graduating in Business Administration from the University of Kent in England, he embarked on an international career in sales and entrepreneurship, including working as a broker in the financial sector in Hong Kong and being the founder and owner of a successful travel company in Italy.

His passion for real estate and the business opportunities in an emerging market like Dubai led Ayoub to move his residence to Dubai in 2022 in order to gain a foothold in this industry. In order to be competitive, he decided to work with KENSINGTON as a strong partner by his side: “I have chosen a partnership with KENSINGTON because its unique and innovative business model allows me to run my own business and compete as an entrepreneur in a fast-growing market,” and adds: KENSINGTON expects high standards from its partners, but at the same time invests in them to the maximum by providing all the resources and training needed to launch a successful business. Moreover, the brand’s unbridled entrepreneurial zeal for growth coincides with my personal ambitions, so I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to successfully start my real estate career in Dubai”.

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With the KENSINGTON Affiliate Programme for Dubai, the Swiss real estate company has developed the perfect solution for all real estate professionals who benefit from successful business development in the local market through a strong brand. In the process, affiliates receive 100% of the commission.

KENSINGTON Dubai provides both individual affiliates (single persons) and corporate affiliates (companies) with the entire infrastructure needed to set up and develop their own real estate business.

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The KENSINGTON Finest Properties International AG has specialised in the marketing of high-quality real estate for more than 23 years. Since 2011, the company has been growing internationally through granting franchise licences and is now represented in more than 85 locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland, as well as in Dubai.

In addition to the real estate sector, the KENSINGTON Group includes a mergers & acquisitions company (, an art company (, and a family office ( KENSINGTON is also the publisher of the lifestyle magazine OnLOCATION. (

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