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10 Keys to Successful Selling in 2023

In the current macroeconomic context, where the interest rate has reached record highs in recent months and the cost of energy has skyrocketed, some people think that it is not a good time to sell a home. Despite this situation that puts pressure on the real estate market, the luxury sector continues to close very important operations, as has been the case of the sale of the most expensive penthouse in the country.

Therefore, from Kensington we highlight 10 key points to take into account in order to sell a property successfully this year.

In the first place, and given that in 2023 the sale of a property is not an easy task, it is important to count on the professional resources of one of the main real estate agencies in the city. In this sense, the second key point is to go to an international agency in the best locations to ensure greater chances of reaching foreign buyers with greater purchasing power.

Given that the increase in interest rates is having an impact on the debt capacity of families, the third point refers to the recommendation to lower the price to the current market value. Likewise, the fourth point deals with lowering the price at the beginning of marketing in order to sell earlier.

In fifth place and one of the most important keys, it is of vital importance to entrust the marketing of the property to a qualified real estate agent, since trying to do it in a private way will hinder the possibilities of closing the transaction. This real estate agent should only represent the owner and never the buyer client in the same transaction, to avoid a possible conflict of interest.

The sixth key point is to make an investment in polishing the characteristics of the apartment using techniques such as, for example, home staging. This method consists of allocating a small budget to aesthetically improve the property, which will have a positive impact on the profit. As for marketing, selling the property to several real estate agencies will result in the devaluation of the property. In this case, point number eight is that the most favorable thing to do is to rely on a single real estate agency to grant exclusivity to the property.

As a seventh point, it is important to take care of the presentation of the asset, exposing quality photographs, virtual home staging, videos, plans, 3D visits, etc. to attract the attention of buyers. “These details are what will set your property apart from the rest,” stresses Oriol Canal, the CEO of Kensington Barcelona and Catalunya.

The ninth point is about taking into account that, if a large number of people interested in the purchase qualify online the apartment as preferred, but do not get to request the visit in person, it means that the price is excessive.

In tenth place and as a general conclusion, our experts state that “the main keys to sell a property successfully in 2023 are based on proposing a reasonable price to market demand, having the help and resources of a relevant real estate agency in the locality and investing in making some aesthetic touches through home staging that position it as attractive”.

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