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KENSINGTON hires 100 new real estate advisors in Spain

Swiss real estate company KENSINGTON Finest Properties International AG, is hiring 100 more real estate consultants as part of its expansion in Spain, until the end of 2022. “We see a great need in the area of qualified real estate consultancy for high-end properties in Spain and would like to contribute our 23 years of experience to take this sector to the next level,” explains company founder and global CEO Mehrdad Bonakdar. The company is looking for both experienced collaborators and newcomers to the sector, who will be trained and developed at the KENSINGTON Academy. Oriol Canal, KENSINGTON Master Franchisee for Catalonia, who worked for Engel&Völkers in Barcelona for 9 years, the last 4 years as General Manager Barcelona and therefore responsible for more than 400 real estate agents, explains his move to KENSINGTON: “The expansion of a company should not come at the expense of the quality of a brand. At KENSINGTON, I realised early on that prestige and quality take priority over profit. For me, it was decisive that the company is 100% owner-managed and that decisions are not taken in the sense of venture capital and private equity, but first and foremost in the original sense of the founder: quality”.

KENSINGTON, specialising in the marketing of high quality real estate, currently has 11 offices in the Balearic Islands, as well as 2 offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and, from August, 2 showrooms on the Canary Islands. A further 40 establishments are expected to be opened in Spain over the next 5 years. Internationally, the company, which was founded in 1998 in Mallorca and has been growing for 10 years through franchise licensing, is represented in more than 85 stores in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Dubai and Spain. Entry into the Italian market is also imminent. In addition to a family office, the KENSINGTON Group includes other divisions such as KENSINGTON-Art, as well as a mergers and acquisitions division (KENSINGTON M&A) and the lifestyle magazine OnLOCATION, which is now published in three languages. Commercial and investment properties are marketed by KENSINGTON Commercial Properties.

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