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From student to successful franchisee of KENSINGTON Finest Properties International in Stuttgart (Germany)

Dennis Palföldi began to acquire a wealth of experience with leading companies in his industry while studying to obtain his BSc in Real Estate Management.

He first became acquainted with the KENSINGTON brand during his internship in the United Arab Emirates. As part of his Bachelor thesis on the KENSINGTON franchise, he managed to gain comprehensive insights into the company’s philosophy and its expansion strategy in Germany. After completing his studies and before joining KENSINGTON, Dennis Palföldi worked for another renowned real estate company in Stuttgart for a short time.

He was so convinced of the exceptional potential and unique philosophy of the KENSINGTON brand that it was not long until he decided to become the franchisee for the Stuttgart region. In April 2017, he signed the franchise agreement and started working under the KENSINGTON brand with plenty of courage, little equity and high risk. But Dennis Palföldi’s strategy has paid off:

“Being a successful self-employed player in a narrow real estate market like Stuttgart hasn’t always been easy. Nonetheless, I’m loving every minute of it and we’re deriving plenty of motivation for the future from our work.“

His incredible diligence, his unwavering belief in the brand and the support he has received from KENSINGTON were the recipe for his success. Looking at his portfolio today, we can find a large number of various high-quality properties. What is more, a number of properties have already been sold within the short space of time since the start of his franchise and the happy new owners are excited about their new homes.

In September 2018, Dennis Palföldi will open his new showroom in Stuttgart’s downtown, where he and his sales consultants as well as his team assistant will be sharing their advice and expertise with all new and existing customers. Dennis Palföldi is looking into the future with great anticipation: „I’m very much looking forward to the exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to share my excitement for the unique KENSINGTON brand with my employees and our customers every day.”

In order to further expand the KENSINGTON brand in the Stuttgart region, additional members of staff are to be given opportunities for a successful career.

“Our goal for next year is to expand the team by taking on new, ambitious and successful sales consultants in order to increase our reach and heighten our customer satisfaction. I’d like to thank the entire KENSINGTON team for this unique opportunity! In particular, I’d like to thank Mehrdad Bonakdar, who had told me in numerous conversations that he believed in me and trusted me. I hope we managed to prove during our first year in business that we’re up to the challenge of being an adequate representative of the KENSINGTON brand in the Stuttgart region.“

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