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Together we are stronger!

A common goal is the fundamental for corporate success!

Success comes through hard work. Success brings joy. Success makes you free. Success is fun. At KENSINGTON, success is not a coincidence.

Over the past 20 years, KENSINGTON has developed into one of the top addresses for the marketing of high-quality real estate. Our mission is clearly stated: Together we are stronger! Because our vision can only be achieved together. What drives us is the will to accompany the KENSINGTON team on their path to success.

Our franchise concept has already helped many ambitious entrepreneurs to secure a business presence, thanks to a strong brand, combined with modern technology and traditional values. The KENSINGTON network is complemented by a family office, an exclusive art division, a premium lifestyle magazine, a digital real estate investment platform, a Mergers & Acquisitions sector, as well as spectacular events.

Would you like to become part of this success story?

Then become a master franchisee in Austria, Italy, Spain, France or the United Arab Emirates and build a local franchise network as a franchisor.

Hand in hand, we do what we do best: Accompanying the KENSINGTON Team on their way to success.

Call us and discover the world of KENSINGTON!

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