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KENSINGTON Switzerland announces the granting of 3 new licences

With the granting of the licences for St. Gallen, the Rhine Valley and Weinfelden in the final quarter of the year, KENSINGTON Switzerland is pleased to announce three successes.

Erich Büchel, federally certified real estate trustee & property manager and structural engineering draughtsman, will represent the KENSINGTON brand as a franchise owner in the regions of St. Gallen and the Rhine Valley, including Liechtenstein. „I have decided to enter into a licensing partnership with KENSINGTON because, especially in challenging times like these, a strong brand behind the scenes is essential for long-term success“, said the Rhine Valley native, who added, „KENSINGTON is a brand with an impressive track record. I am delighted to be part of this up-and-coming company with immediate effect“. The opening of a showroom, both in St. Gallen and the Rhine Valley, is planned for 2021.

Erich Büchel is the new KENSINGTON Franchisee for St. Gallen and the Rhine Valley

In October, Weinfelden was the third licence granted this quarter. The franchise owner is Wolfgang Kern. The 53-year-old has been working in the property industry since 2008 and, as a native of Thurgau, has strong ties to the region. He made a conscious decision to switch to an expanding company like KENSINGTON: “Successful property brokerage depends on many factors, which means that local ‘lone wolves’ are no longer viable in a constantly changing market. A network such as KENSINGTON’s is made up of many different experts, each of whom brings their individual knowledge and experience to the table, from which ultimately the buyers and sellers also benefit”. The existing office in Weinfelden is currently being redesigned to be CI compliant.

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