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KENSINGTON opens another showroom in Switzerland.

After a successful start in the Speerstrasse office a good 2.5 years ago, Petra Kindermann, originally from Pfäffikon, has moved her office to Tunnelstrasse 1.

The path she set out on 2.5 years ago through her connection to the KENSINGTON network which has over 20 years of market experience, alongside the acquisition of the franchise license for the entire Zurich Oberland, has proven to be successful. “The opening of a showroom is just the next logical step on the way to further growth in my license area”, Petra Kindermann explains. “The proximity to my customers and the increased visibility of our service is very important to me,” says Petra Kindermann.

Anyone who wants to buy or sell a property with her benefits from her many years of market experience and her comprehensive know-how, which the trained business economist has acquired over the last 20 years of her self-employment. She also has a comprehensive network and a large database of search clients who have long been hoping to find their dream property. “What drives me is being there for my clients and doing a very good job. In combination with a strong brand, we create an added value that only very few market players can offer”, Petra Kindermann continues.

The real estate expert offers her clients a comprehensive market value estimate and market analysis before the actual marketing launch of a property. After all, the property should not be offered for less than its value or at an unrealistic price. Petra Kindermann works on a one hundred percent success basis. There is no advance payment for the client. Petra Kindermann: “I give my clients a comprehensive performance guarantee. If I do not fulfil this, they can cancel the sales order without notice. The risk, if the sale does not work out, is entirely mine.”

“Due to the current situation, we have set up our business digitally to such an extent that we can even have sales properties virtually inspected without the need for direct contact at the outset, for example. That’s to protect our customers.” According to Petra Kindermann, there is no sign of a decline in demand: “The demand for residential properties in the Zurich Oberland is still very high,” says Kindermann.

Petra Kindermann is a qualified business economist with further training in the field of real estate marketing and valuation. She continues to look for single-family homes, apartments and investment properties in the Zurich Oberland for clients who have a prior reservation.

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