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Licence for Hamburg West / Elbe Suburbs granted

KENSINGTON continues to take off in the north! Under the KENSINGTON regional license Hamburg we are happy to communicate a further success: Franchisee Daniel Malek has already awarded the second license area in the Hamburg area within a few months.

The new franchisee for the license area Hamburg-West/Elbe Suburbs is no stranger. As sales manager for the offices in Palma, Llucmayor and Valdemossa on Mallorca, Patrick Leidenbach has been part of the KENSINGTON family for a long time and is one of the most successful sales agents. Now he has seized the opportunity and secured hiself the coveted area around the noble Elbvororte in his old hometown.

There was no question for him that the next step in his career at KENSINGTON would take place:

“The KENSINGTON brand combines everything it needs to be successful in the real estate business, to offer our customers maximum service and professionalism and to continue to expand. We are open to innovation and try to improve our service and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We are always looking for new ways to improve our services. I was able to experience this in the last years of my time here at KENSINGTON and that convinced me absolutely. So I didn’t have to think long when it became clear that KENSINGTON wanted to take off in my hometown of Hamburg as well. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sven Binnewies, Daniel Malek and Lars Axendorf, who made it possible for me to take over the licence – and to continue my work in the offices on Mallorca. This shows once more what makes KENSINGTON so strong in my eyes and what distinguishes us from others, namely that we can all work hand in hand and thus be even more successful”.

The motivated Hamburg born entrepreneur is looking forward to the new challenge. He will commute in the future between Mallorca and Hamburg.

“I am very much looking forward to representing KENSINGTON at another location that is very close to my heart and thus to working even more closely with our colleagues and business partners in Germany and to contributing to the further joint growth and success of KENSINGTON,” continues Patrick Leidenbach.

>As soon as the suitable premises have been found, the new office will open in one of the regions of the Elbvororte in Hamburg.


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