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“The south-east of Mallorca is a market that needs to be conquered further”

KENSINGTON welcomes new licence partner for the southeast of Mallorca

Michaela Lohde-Sauer is the new KENSINGTON licence partner for the southeast of Mallorca. The graduate in business administration for real estate management benefits from 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. During her professional career she has, among other things, built up various locations for a renowned competitor. Most recently, she worked as an independent real estate expert for the KENSINGTON licensed region Santanyi, which she has now taken over as franchisee: „When I started at KENSINGTON, I deliberately chose both the brand and the region Santanyi. The last few months in particular have made it clear to me that I was absolutely right in making this decision and that I am benefiting not only from a strong brand but also from the work of Bree and Walter, Corn“, emphasises the newly appointed KENSINGTON franchisee.

The sale also opens up further opportunities for Bree & Walter Corn, franchisees of both KENSINGTON licence areas Mallorca North East (with office in Artà) and Mallorca South East (with office in Santanyí) since 2018: „As the north-east of Mallorca, where we have also had private roots for the past 2 years, has developed strongly in 2019 and 2020 and we have opened a new showroom in a prime location in Artà, and as the north-east has since then occupied the majority of our attention, we have decided to place the KENSINGTON licence for the south-east of Mallorca in the hands of Mrs Lohde Sauer. This step gives us the necessary resources for an even better positioning in our home region, the North East“, says KENSINGTON franchisee Bree & Walter Corn, who are currently also the “Best Performers” among the 11 KENSINGTON offices on the Balearic Islands with the Northeast region.

Michaela Lohde-Sauer will take over and manage the showroom in Santanyi as franchisee with immediate effect. She looks forward to her new task with great pleasure and assures: „I am very pleased to become an even bigger part of KENSINGTON through this step and I am looking forward to the future with great motivation and optimism. The South East is an exciting market that is ready to be further conquered, I look forward to this task.“


Michaela Lohde-Sauer together with the franchisees for the Northeast of Mallorca, Bree and Walter Corn (f.l.t.r.), during the signing of the contract for the region Mallorca Southeast

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