Pablo López Pérez, KENSINGTON Master Franchisee for Madrid knows the answer!

Since May 2021, Pablo López Pérez has been responsible for the expansion of the international real estate company KENSINGTON with its headquarters in Switzerland. “From the very beginning, I felt this extraordinary spirit that has inspired many other franchisees before me to also choose KENSINGTON,” says Pablo L., describing his first impression.

With the opening of the KENSINGTON office in Salamanca, for the regions of Salamanca and Chamberi, Pablo López Pérez has set an example to motivate other franchisees in Madrid. “With a strong brand behind us, it was then also possible to find real estate experts for the Salamanca-Chamberi team relatively quickly.”

With a team of 7, KENSINGTON stands for the marketing of high quality real estate for this region. “We are planning to open at least 5 more offices in Madrid over the next 3 years. I can only recommend to every existing real estate entrepreneur, but also to successful real estate agents who are thinking about starting their own real estate business, to convince themselves of KENSINGTON’s success story in a personal meeting. KENSINGTON has developed into a successful lifestyle brand with the motto: Doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways,” is how Pablo L. sums up the uniqueness of the KENSINGTON brand.

The KENSINGTON Head Office Madrid is located in the Salamanca district.

Pablo López Pérez has been active in the real estate industry for over 20 years. “For me, there is no alternative to the franchise business model. The power that a brand develops over many years cannot even be achieved by a sole proprietor who only operates locally. Just since I joined in May, KENSINGTON has opened another office almost every month. And the trend is upwards. And all the other franchisees benefit from this power and dynamism. No matter where they are located,” says Pablo L.

“But also state-of-the-art marketing tools, an excellent web presence, an intelligent IT solution and further digital options, such as virtual property viewings, a modern app, an online property valuation platform, 24/7 support from the franchisor, as well as the international network are the best arguments to join KENSINGTON.” Pablo L. summarises further highlights.

KENSINGTON KENSINGTON was founded as a boutique agency in Mallorca 21 years ago and has been expanding as a franchise company for almost 10 years. With over 70 franchisees in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Dubai, the company is one of the leading real estate franchise companies. With 12 offices, the company is one of the market leaders on the Balearic Islands. In addition to its core business of marketing high-quality real estate, KENSINGTON also operates an art division, publishes the international life style magazine OnLOCATION, is an international sponsor of polo tournaments and has recently developed the KENSINGTON Real Estate APP, a modern real estate app that makes it even easier for buyers and sellers to come together more effectively and quickly.

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