KENSINGTON Academy - Our Mission

“Growing alongside one another“ – that’s the clear message of the KENSINGTON Academy.

The most valuable resources in a real estate company are the agents and staff employed there. The KENSINGTON Academy follows this basic idea. For this reason, the training is holistic in its approach and is always adapted to the current trends and market requirements of the respective regions. Create a healthy basis for your company and your career at KENSINGTON and become a brand with the KENSINGTON Academy!

Under the guidance of renowned trainers and experts, you will learn how to make the most of your opportunities in real estate acquisition and the correct way to deal with real estate portals and social media platforms, among other things. Find out more about your possibilities for organising viewings in a target-oriented way, taking individual customer wishes into account.

External participants

Are you a client, business or network partner of the KENSINGTON Group and would like to attend our non-real estate specific courses? Are you an ambitious employee, manager or entrepreneur? Then get in touch! We’ll support and accompany you on your path to success in the areas of leadership, social skills, psychology and marketing.

Our mission is clearly formulated:
“Growing alongside one another”

We are internationally represented for you!