KENSINGTON Academy - Education

The KENSINGTON Academy offers certified training directly on site.

The most valuable resources in a real estate company are the estate agents and the staff employed there. The KENSINGTON Academy follows this basic idea, which is why the training is holistically oriented and always tailored to the current trends and market demands of their respective regions.

More awareness – more contacts – more contracts!

Under the guidance of renowned trainers and experts, you will learn, among other things, how to optimally exploit your opportunities in real estate acquisition in order to maximise your success.

Sell faster and more efficiently!

In our “Real Estate Sales & Questioning Techniques” course, you will also learn how to correctly manage real estate portals and social media platforms, and learn more about the possibility of organising your viewings in a targeted manner, taking into account the individual wishes of your clients.

Create a healthy foundation for your company and become a brand with the KENSINGTON Academy!

The KENSINGTON Academy will also support you in setting up your company! In our “Team Building and Leadership” course, you will learn how to build a professional team through controlled job interviews and how to successfully acquire and promote competent real estate experts, thus leading yourself and your team to success together.

Under the guidance of experienced real estate experts, our 100-day online seminar “100 Days to Success” will also teach you how to set the right priorities during the early stages and how to define your approach in such a way that it really leads to success.

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