KENSINGTON Greece offers an one-stop service

Buying services are becoming more and more popular for busy executives and real estate investors who want maximum leverage of their time.

Why use a buying service:

  • Save time
  • Tap into additional knowledge
  • Use our resources for searching and decision making
  • Target locations or areas you may be unfamiliar with
  • It’s too emotionally draining for you
  • You want to remain anonymous

At KENSINGTON you can choose from 2 types of buying services:

Consultation to determine your buying criteria
Target purchase – you see the house you like and we´ll approach them for you and see, if we can´t convince them to sell – wheter it´s on the market or NOT!

Consultation buying service

This simple step by step method starts with us sitting down with you to carefully define your buying criteria. You give us instructions based on what you like, dislike, must have, must not have, price range etc and we do the rest.
We will source 3-5 short listed properties based on your information – send them to you via web presentation, inspect with you, negotiate for you, attend auctions for you and make it all happen.

We can even arrange moving for you.

Target purchasing

This is less common but when you see a house you really want – why wait? Let us ask them if they’d like to sell. We craft a letter and approach them in a professional way detailing your intention to buy their home if the price is right.

There are some subtle techniques involved in doing this right which is why we are paid fees for this expertise. Many people have put off potential vendors by approaching them in the wrong way and never had a chance to own the house of their dreams.

KENSINGTON has proprietary techniques and methods of achieving this and there are some conditions involved to engage us in this capacity.
Simply give us a call to discuss your options and the relevant fees involved.

KENSINGTON Buying Service is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your property portfolio with minimal or no work on your behalf. You get to tap into beneficial property resources only available through the real estate industry via us and we do all the heavy lifting.

We are internationally represented for you!