KENSINGTON Fuerteventura / Performance guarantee

We do not promise optimal service, we guarantee it!

We are convinced that every property requires individual treatment and a tailor-made marketing strategy.

A target group-oriented concept, without a long period of trial and error, but direct and accurate. This includes the creation of meaningful and multilingual exposés, contacting prospective buyers from our international database, regional and national advertising, internet presentations, trade fairs, sales boards, notices in frequented locations, direct advertising, serial e-mails to defined target groups, use of networks, financing advice as well as credit assessment of prospective buyers, purchase visits with qualified prospective buyers, follow-up telephone campaigns and much more. For these tasks you need professionals, who are extremely skilled negotiators and proficient in closing sales.

No promises – a guarantee!

THE KENSINGTON PERFORMANCE WARRANTY offers you the security of our 100% commitment and the implementation of all relevant marketing campaigns for the successful sale of your property. A selection of over 25 advertising measures is our basis for every successful sale!

We are happy to provide you with further details and information about the process.

We are internationally represented for you!