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Acquiring a master licence involves the independent, active development or further development of the franchise network in a large region or in a whole country.

Granting a master licence guarantees the local presence of the brand. Franchisees will receive access to local market expertise which guarantees a rapid road to success. In this way, international expansion is driven both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective by all partners working hand in hand.

This 3-tier franchise system consists of the master franchisor, themaster franchisee and the franchisees, in the individual destinations, who are independently selected and managed by the master franchisee.

The master franchisee therefore assumes the double role of a franchisee and a franchisor. .

The crucial key success factor for a master licence are the entrepreneurial talent of the master franchisee as well as a personal connection with the culture of the respective country, which will determine and guide the concept to be introduced before it can be applied to the development of the local markets and passed on to the sub-franchisees.

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KENSINGTON Testimonials

Sven Binnewies - Master Franchisee Germany

With KENSINGTON, I´ve opted for the logical step in my career progression to join a strong brand after many years of being self-employed. The strength of the brand and the pooled know-how has allowed us to become one of the market leaders in our licence areas within a short amount of time.

Jan Adriaan du Plessis - Master Franchisee South Africa

The opportunities of being part of the KENSINGTON-family are endless. In Africa we have a word: UBUNTU, meaning „humanity to others“, but it also means „ I am what I am because of who we all are“. That is why I am proud to be a part of KENSINGTON.