KENSINGTON Dubai / Venu Bharadwaj – Sales Manager

Venu Bharadwaj


Sales Manager
KENSINGTON Finest Properties International – Dubai

Tel. +971 58 887 9833

Your (future) property is my passion

“I wanted to be a part of a strong international brand with high ethics and exceptional standards in real estate.”

Get to know Bharadwaj. Venu, the Sales Manager of Kensington’s Dubai branch.

Bharadwaj, better known as Venu, began his successful career with Kensington International when Kensington International launched its new Real Estate Branch in Dubai. It all started with a Kensington LinkedIn post that piqued his interest.

Venu is a professional RERA-certified real-estate broker with 14+ years of combined experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development in Dubai. Venu formerly worked in global banks and handled wealth portfolios for HNIs and comparable corporates as an ex-banker. Venu specializes in exclusive brokerage services tailored to the needs of individual investors. Venu will cover anything from a single unit (Apartments or villas) to a large skyscraper! Venu’s qualifications include the ability to speak four languages. English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada.

“I wanted to be a part of a strong international brand with high ethics and exceptional standards in real estate.”

After his initial conversation with Mr. Mehrdad, Kensington International CEO, about his vision and genuine intention to help real-estate brokers succeed, it was clear that this is where he wanted to pursue his entrepreneurship goals.

“I consider Mehrdad a Messiah for real-estate brokers,” Venu said.


Kensington focuses on sharing success and not extracting success from an Individual. The concept of 100% commission for a monthly fee commitment isn’t only attractive but well deserved for a successful real-estate broker without setting up a company and being burdened with many mounting overhead costs. It was an obvious choice for Venu that his future was with Kensington.

Venu strongly believes that Mehrdad Bonakdar, founder of Kensington International, and Maher Rifai, managing Partner of KENSINGTON Dubai, have supported him every step and given him the freedom from the hassle of managing day-to-day business operations. As a result, Venu’s path is clear, solely set to achieve sales and have the 100% commission to himself! 

A word of advice from Venu to other real estate agents looking to take charge of their success:


When you buy a product or service from a store and realize that it is a rip-off, you would feel disappointed and disgruntled about it even if it’s of little value, right?

So, to put in perspective, why would you, as a Successful Realtor, let your current employer rip off your hard-earned commission of real-estate deals every single time? Think about it



Join Kensington to take charge of your success!”

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