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The UAE Visa Scheme makes positive changes!

What if I told you that The UAE’s population comprises more than 80%, foreign residents! For decades, this has been the country’s economic backbone, and for the longest time, the Visa system has been a stumbling barrier for visitors, businesses, entrepreneurs, families, and investors, but that is about to change.

Yesterday, the UAE cabinet approved significant changes to the visa system to give expats more extensive participation in the economy.

The following are a few of the Visa Changes:

-Investors can apply for residency for up to five years without a sponsor. -Tourists can stay longer with less fuss.

-Green Residency: Freelancers and their families can receive residency in the UAE for five years without the need for a sponsor or employee.

-Golden Residency: Real estate investors can earn golden residency by acquiring a property worth at least 2 million dirhams ($544,500).

Many other advantages that are being implemented include:

-Residents can now sponsor their family members, including spouses and children, up to 25.

-Disabled children, regardless of age, will be given a visa.

In addition, they’ve also made the Golden Visa more attainable, which will retain great talent and foster innovation within the country!

Congratulations, UAE! Very well-thought-out approach! We are looking forward to seeing how this unique initiative evolves and how it will assist the local economy!

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