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Would you like to start your own business as a real estate agent in Dubai? Then KENSINGTON Finest Properties International is the right partner for you when it comes to real estate franchises. We offer you a global network of experts who know their way around the local market and provide the right impulses. You benefit from relevant references, an international network, an excellent property portfolio worldwide and an exclusive clientele.

Become part of our real estate franchise success story
Our franchise success story speaks for itself and you can benefit from this partnership of independent entrepreneurs. There is one overall goal: to implement the successful concept profitably for everyone. KENSINGTON Finest Properties International markets over 10,000 properties worldwide. Our real estate franchise partners currently include entrepreneurs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and South Africa. Especially in times of growing globalization and the rapidly increasing number of providers in the real estate segment, customers are increasingly relying on internationally proven, renowned brands. This is why a solid international brand presence is so important for success as a real estate agent.

For more than 20 years, KENSINGTON Finest Properties International has positioned itself as such a global real estate brand. As a real estate franchising partner in Dubai, you benefit from our many years of experience in real estate sales, marketing, franchise development as well as internet and SEO expertise.

How to become our Real Estate Franchising Partner in Dubai
Stand out from the competition with select holiday properties from the exclusive network of KENSINGTON Finest Properties International. Establish an attractive additional business right from the start of your real estate franchising partnership. As a real estate franchising partner, you will receive an already proven business concept from us for a flat-rate fee. This concept includes insurance rights, advantages in purchasing, numerous training courses and services. We will also provide you with support in marketing, business administration and public relations. Simply contact us and we will explain to you how easy it is to become a real estate franchising partner of KENSINGTON Finest Properties International.

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Can you imagine becoming self-employed as part of a successful real estate franchise concept in Dubai and a renowned brand like KENSINGTON Finest Properties International? Secure your licence for Dubai now as a Real Estate Franchise Partner.

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