KENSINGTON Dubai / Hatim Ayoub

Hatim Ayoub

Your (future) property is my passion

My name is Hatim Ayoub, I was born in Sudan, grew up in Rome / Italy and has an extensive professional background. After graduating in Business Administration from the University of Kent in England, I embarked on an international career in sales and entrepreneurship, including working as a broker in the financial sector in Hong Kong and being the founder and owner of a successful travel company in Italy. My passion for real estate and the business opportunities in an emerging market like UAE led me to Dubai in 2022 in order to gain a foothold in this industry. In order to be competitive, I decided to join KENSINGTON Affiliate Programme for Dubai.


I have chosen a partnership with KENSINGTON because its unique and its innovative business model allows me to run my own business and compete as an entrepreneur in a fast-growing market. KENSINGTON expects high standards from its partners, but at the same time invests in them to the maximum by providing all the resources and training needed to launch a successful business. Moreover, the brand’s unbridled entrepreneurial zeal for growth coincides with my personal ambitions, so I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to successfully start my real estate career in Dubai.


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